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groovy_hippie95's Journal

Hey, my name's Lizzy. I'm currently fifteen years old. I love to write stories (you can read them on my deviantart at EltonAddict.deviantart.com) and songs and poetry. I adore pretty much anything from the 1960s but mostly The Beatles, The Monkees and Star Trek: The Original Series. I do listen to some music of today but I like the older stuff better. If I could only choose one celebrity to meet it would be Donny Osmond.
I work on the registration staff for a new anime convention called QC Anime-Zing and at our first year (from June 18-20, 2010) I met Johnny Yong Bosch and his band, Eyeshine. I also danced with him at our Rave that Saturday night. ^_^ However, I don't watch a lot of anime (other than Death Note) anymore. Weird, I know. Lol.
I love seeing people happy and I hate fighting and war. I've been told I have an "old soul" and I take it as a compliment.
I am a 1st soprano in my school choir and I love to sing. However, as much as I love singing solos, I get incredibly nervous before each one.
I can play the guitar, and though I'm not great, it's super fun, I love it.
I pretty much hate sports and I'm not athletic at all.
I do cosplay, my main cosplay being Misa Amane from Death Note and my other favorite being Ophelia from Brutal Legend. However, when I debuted my Ophelia cosplay at QC Anime-Zing, no one knew who I was supposed to be, even though it was really accurate. I realized later that this was because Brutal Legend is an American videogame while most of those attending the convention were more into Japanese anime and videogames. Lol. Yeah, I'm a brunette but I have a LOT of blond moments.
My first concert was an Elton John concert with my Mom on October 12, 2007. My 2nd was Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles with my Dad on March 24, 2009. My most recent was Eyeshine at QC Anime-Zing with everyone else at QC Anime-Zing. At this concert I was LITERALLY right UP FRONT. By the stage. I loved it. Lol there were no tickets involved because the concert was pretty much free. If you had a badge certifying that you had registered to come to the convention, you got into the concert. =)
Anyway, recently I've been pretty obsessed with the Monkees, I looooove them!!!! I have the whole 2nd season on DVD and have seen each episode from the 2nd season at least two (if not several more) times. I'm currently trying to save up to order the 1st season. =)
I'm a pretty big Trekkie. I love the original series but the Next Generation and Deep Space Nine are pretty awesome, too. Spock is my absolute favorite character, I looooove him and I even changed my last name to Nimoy on Facebook. xD

I am obsessed with the musical Rent. It is my favorite movie/musical EVER. I cosplay Maureen and Angel and sometimes the Broadway version of Mimi.
My favorite shows that are still running are The Middle and Modern Family. I love That 70s Show, so I watch the reruns every day at 5. Family Guy is my guilty pleasure. xD

Well, I guess that's pretty much all. You can call me Lizzy and I'm always glad to talk to people with mutual interests, or even without mutual interests if they just wanna talk or something. =)